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Fusion Security represents top manufacturers worldwide. From products for home or business security to law enforcement and first responder technology, our team put together the perfect hardware solution.


The Fusion Academy prepares students for careers in Investigations, Security, Law Enforcement, and military disciplines.The Academy also provides instruction for Corporations and Individuals wanting to prepare for threats to personal or property safety and security. 

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Fusion Security provides clients with security and protection services throughout the globe.
Our goal is to provide peace of mind combined with 100% confidentiality.

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The Fusion Investigations team provides rapid, cost effective, and confidential investigative services for clients. Our team are experts in the ever changing world of surveillance, research, and investigative consulting. 

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Global Investigation, Security, and Training solutions for Corporations, Government, and the Private Sector

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Fusion Security Group provides solutions for clients needing global security response. Our team works closely with clients to develop security strategies that ensure 100% safety of corporate and personal assets.

With Fusion assets located worldwide, Fusion is able to respond to any security crisis. From simple hardware installations, to "high-threat" protection details, the Fusion Team has the knowledge and experience to provide client peace of mind.