travel / medical escorts

Fusion can provide clients professional, confidential security agents for travel overseas to countries of measurable risk. Our agents can develop complete travel itineraries, including transportation, customs, logistics, and onsite security.

cyber security

The Fusion Cyber Security Team specializes in assessing potential threats to networks and data,and can provide clients the necessary tools to implement security protocols for securing confidential information.

guard services

Fusion provides both armed and unarmed officers for clients requiring a noticeable security presence.

event advanced team

Fusion can provide intelligence and reconnaissance prior to functions of all types. Our teams provide route planning, transportation resources, event logistics, and much more.

Personal / Dignitary Protection

Fusion provides agents for domestic and international security missions. Our agents have years of experience in high risk environments. Agents are trained in customer service, and provide the utmost in confidentiality and professionalism.


Fusion Security Division provides clients with prevention and protection services. 
All personnel are expert in their fields, and their primary concern is the safety, security, and confidentiality of our customers and their assets